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We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

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Vastum Management Private Limited (VMPL) is a pioneer organization that works in the area of waste management and deals with solid, liquid, biomedical and hazardous waste. We help to manage and execute all kinds of waste management programs and provide end-to-end services. We help implement innovative designs, customized solutions and also focus on green and sustainable technologies. We adopt innovative approaches to deliver custom-made solutions for our clients, meeting all their requirements and assisting them to complete their projects in their assigned timelines.

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Change the sequence of services from the present to this. The tabs in the beginning are the sectors where Vastum has direct intervention.
Municipal Solid Waste
Material Recovery Facility
Hazardous Waste
Biomedical Waste
C&D Waste E-Waste
Plastic Waste
Eco Restoration Biomining of Legacy Waste


Countries Of Export

Countries Of Export